Google Wroclaw

Located near the oldest area of Wroclaw—known as Ostrów Tumski—Google Wroclaw is home to Googlers from over 20 countries who share a passion for supporting our customers and clients.

Life at Google's Wroclaw office

Find out what it's like to work at Google's office in Wroclaw, Poland. Learn about the teams, culture and activities that Google Wroclaw has to offer.


We’re one of the largest customer service and support offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our teams help companies and advertisers to grow their businesses with AdWords.


Number of Wrocław Googlers: two dozen less than the number of Wroclaw dwarf statues

Distance to the Market Square: 1,4 km with three bridges on the way

Distance to Sky Tower, highest residential building in the EU: 16 times the height of the Sky Tower

Some of our conference rooms are named: Krecik, Koralgol, Szajba and Mañana—named after Wroclaw’s popular bars and clubs


Generała Józefa Bema, 2
50-265 Wrocław

Phone: +48 (71) 73 41 000
Fax: +48 (71) 73 41 051

Inside Google Wroclaw

Located in the heart of Europe, Google Wroclaw is one of our largest customer service and support offices for our advertising products. Wroclaw Googlers (or Wrooglers as we call ourselves) share a passion for helping clients succeed. We partner with family-owned shops and medium-sized companies to find ways that Google's array of product offerings can grow their businesses. As product experts, we identify advertising solutions that fit their needs, help them reach the right users and provide great client service.

Our teams support customers in countries throughout Europe including Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy. As a result, the office is a cultural melting pot—our Googlers hail from more than 20 countries. While Wrooglers come from all around the world, the chefs at our Sixth Sense Cafe help us all feel at home by serving delicious and nutritious dishes—just like Mom used to make.

Google Wroclaw is a fantastic, fast-growing and diverse team. No matter where you’re from, you can expect a warm welcome.

- Radek Kokot, head of Google Wroclaw

Google Wroclaw: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Google Wroclaw a great place to build a career?

Our office is a fast-paced environment where things constantly change. There are always new opportunities for Googlers to learn new skills and grow their career.

What makes Google Wroclaw a fun place to work?

With Googlers from all around the world, you can work with people from many different cultures and backgrounds who share a passion for helping our customers succeed. No matter where your passport was issued, the office feels like home.

How is Wroclaw different from other Google locations?

Wroclaw is located in the heart of Europe—just a three hour drive from Berlin and Prague, and six hours from Vienna. Other great European cities are just a short flight away.

Is there anything especially cool about Google Wroclaw office?

The office sits in the center of Wroclaw. From the terrace of our Sixth Sense Cafe, you can enjoy an incredible, panoramic view of the city. We’ve also brought the energy and fun of the city into our offices; our meeting rooms are named after popular Wroclaw bars and pubs.

How are Googlers involved in the Wroclaw community?

We believe it’s important to show our appreciation for the communities in which we live and work through volunteering. As part of GoogleServe, a company-wide initiative, Wrooglers recently donated their time to paint schools, plant community gardens, clean neighborhood playgrounds, entertain children and the elderly in local hospitals and much more. Google Wroclaw also partners with local companies, universities, city officials and non-profit organizations to help shape Wroclaw’s future.

Has anyone interesting come to visit the Google Wroclaw office?

We’ve hosted a number of exciting guests. Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz, US Ambassador Stephen Mull, and Ewa Kaucz, vice president of the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, all stopped by to share their experiences and advice with us.