Google Stockholm


We’re a thriving engineering office who’s worked on projects contributing to Google+, Android, Gmail and Chrome.

Our sales Googlers help Sweden’s leading companies to grow their businesses using platforms like AdWords and DoubleClick.

Our Enterprise team works to ensure our cloud services are humming for our business, educational and governmental partners.


Some of our conference rooms are named: Nobel, Celsius, Tetra Pak


Google Stockholm
Kungsbron 2
111 22 Stockholm

Inside Google Stockholm

As the birthplace of Alfred Nobel of Nobel Prize fame, and home to one of Scandinavia’s largest institutions of higher education in technology, it is no surprise that Google has a thriving Stockholm office, home to a mix of engineering and sales Googlers.

Our engineering teams are comprised of software engineering experts and developers in test. We take advantage of the city’s local talent pool of accomplished computer scientists - but you’ll find Googlers here from around the world, who’ve worked on projects like Google+ Hangouts and the real-time communications technologies behind products like Google Talk and Gmail.

On the sales side, we’re dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses. We work with Sweden’s top companies, advertisers and ad agencies to help them attract customers and maximize their return on investments. We’re also home to an Enterprise team, working with large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies to deliver cloud services and other IT products.