Google Seattle/Kirkland

As one of our biggest offices in North America, Google’s two Seattle-area locations are leading the charge to develop amazing products and services. Interested in being part of some of the most exciting technical challenges in the business? Great! Grab a coffee and check out Google Seattle/Kirkland.


We’re one of Google’s largest engineering offices, but are also home to small teams in People Operations and Sales.

Our engineers have made major impact on Cloud to Maps as well as Technical infrastructure, Chrome OS, Hangouts, Android and Advertising.


Number of Seattle/Kirkland Googlers: More than the number of seconds it takes for light to travel from the Earth to the Sun and back

Some of our conference rooms are named: Sleater-Kinney, Tacoma Narrows, Sasquatch

Communities in Washington state with an official Google Day: 1


Kirkland Office

747 6th Street South
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: 425-739-5600
Fax: 425-968-9399

Seattle Office

601 N. 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 206-876-1800
Fax: 206-876-1701

Inside Google Seattle/Kirkland

At Google Seattle, we see things differently. From the huge number of products and services we work on, right down to where we sit, we bring a unique perspective to our work, and to Google. That begins with location. The Seattle-area has been home to Google for over 10 years. Our office...Actually, our offices, are spread across two distinct sites, one on each side of Lake Washington. We’re one of the largest Google locations in the U.S., meaning our impact reaches across many Google projects and product areas.

Our computer scientists, product managers and engineers work on almost every major product at Google, from Cloud and G+ to Android and Advertising. Our work is distinct, but complementary. Whether we're searching for talent, documenting processes for our users, making sales calls or shipping code, our work, and our environment, is collaborative. No Googler does it alone.

When we’re not working, we like to have fun. Lots of it. Our downtown office is based in the Fremont neighborhood in a completely remodeled, light-filled building right alongside the Lake Washington Ship Canal. It’s an unconventional neighborhood, and the perfect fit for an unconventional company. Fremont Googlers can check out kayaks and go for a paddle – or explore works by local artists showcased on-site. Kirkland Googlers enjoy a climbing wall and a high-tech golf simulator, and will soon have a new building to call home.

For those who like a little sartorial silliness, we have events like Pajama Day and Formal Friday. Board game and trivia nights happen all the time. Seattle is known for its coffee culture, so those who need a pick-me-up can stop by CAPS LOCK, our bright, spacious coffee bar overlooking the canal, or grab froyo at the Kayak Cafe. For those with a competitive edge, we hold an annual Summer Solstice Ping-Pong Smackdown.

Google Seattle/Kirkland: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s great about Google Seattle?

As the third largest office in the US, we have all of the benefits of working on Google-scale projects while still operating at a more start-up-like size. We get to spend more time doing what we’re really interested in, and less time managing people and processes. It means we can make a significant contribution right away. We enjoy the best of both worlds. Want to live in the city? Come check out Fremont, the center of the universe. Want to rock the suburbs? Kirkland’s got your name on it. No matter where you sit, there’s a great sense of culture across both offices. After a hard day, our Brewglers like to kick back with a frosty glass of their latest home-made beer. Others rock out at our Open Mic sessions, or by going the distance with our Ragnar Racers relay team.

What does Google do for the Seattle and Kirkland communities?

We host programs like the Computer Science Summer Institute. We invite the local technology community to come on-site for events like the annual Google I/O conference, tech talks and panel presentations. We support local farmers who are part of Growing Washington. We host local students as part of our Computing and Programming Experience program. And we support the University of Washington’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs for students from underrepresented groups. We try to be good neighbors and bring fun, valuable experiences to our communities, so it was great when Kirkland declared an official Google Day to celebrate our 10the anniversary!

What’s the most exciting work to come out of Google Seattle/Kirkland?

Almost every major product at Google has a home in Seattle/Kirkland. We helped build Google Maps and we’ve made significant contributions to Android, AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Cloud, Chrome and Chrome OS, and the Google App Engine. We built Hangouts for Google+. We also contribute to digital rights management and video optimization technologies.